La Valla Campus

Principal K-12 Mr Anthony Boys
Assistant Principal  Mr Rob Nehme
Director of  Wellbeing K-12 Mr Matthew Fitzgerald
Director of Mission and Identity K-12 Ms Christine Fonseca
Executive Assistant Mr John Carnabuci
Director of Learning and Innovation Ms Mel Riley
Curriculum Coordinator
Acting TAS Leader of Learning
Mr Daniel Junge
Mathematics Ms Amanda Conde
Mathematics Assistant Mr Tam Dang
Diverse Learning Coordinator Ms Tracey Dunne
Diverse Learning Coordinator Mrs Victoria Farrugia
Religious Education Assistant Mr Patrick Fitzgerald
English Ms Candice Green
PDHPE Mr Luke Hill
English Assistant Ms Amanda Lee
Teacher in Charge – Music Ms Rebecca Lewis
Science Mr Daniel Levitt
TAS (Maternity leave) Ms Rochelle McArdle
HSIE Assistant Mr Andrew Moussallam
Teacher in Charge – Art Ms Carolyn O’Brien
Religious Education Ms Kerri-Anne Ramsay
HSIE Mr Robert Taylor
Year 7 Coordinator Mr Jeffrey Davidson
Assistant Year 7 Coordinator Mrs Samantha Slattery
Year 8 Coordinator Mr Alex Araujo
Year 9 Coordinator Mr Liam Ashleigh
Year 10 Coordinator Mr Daniel Brown
Year 11 Coordinator Mr Anthony McDonnell
Year 12 Coordinator Ms Kathleen McGrath
Assistant to Principal K-12 Mrs Rachel Noble
Business Manager Mr Mark Brooks
Sportsmaster Mr Peter Giles
School Operations Officer Mr Simon Jenkins
Leader of Academic Resources & Literacy Ms Margaret Tracey
Mrs Veronica Acevedo Marcano Ms Ruby Kim
Mr Sinclair Barry Mr Daryl Marmion
Mrs Nicola Brown Ms Galiane Marterer
Mr Ralph Chandler (LSL) Mr Mark Neale
Mr Ros Connelly Mr Izzy Niyazi
Mrs Karen Cotte Mr David Paull
Ms Phoebe Craddock Mr Zachary Pedicini
Mr Luisito dela Paz Ms Jody Seaton
Ms Megan Doyle Mr Benjamin Smuts
Mr Sean Dowe Dr Susan Turner
Ms Vicky Drivilas Mr Reiman Vega
Miss Anna Fsadni Ms Annaleise Verheyen
Mr Rodney Herbert Ms Milena Vuckovic
Ms Linda Hutchinson Mr Jonathan Watts
Mr Peter Jones Mr Liam Wells
Learning Support Assistant Ms Ruchi Aurora
School Support Officer Mrs Virginia Black
Assistant to Curriculum Coordinator Ms Katherine Borkowski
IT Support Officer Mr Cian Byrne
College Secretary Mrs Gabrielle Jones
Learning Support Officer Ms Patricia Kalimeris
Canteen Manager Mrs Elizabeth Byrne
College Secretary Mrs Aleen Keosseian
Library Assistant Mrs Pamela Lewis
IT Support Officer Mr Ben Mitchell
Accounts/Admin Officer Mrs Lorraine Morton
Food Tech and Hospitality Assistant Ms Maxine Moule
Registrar Mrs Tracey Robinson
Laboratory Technician Dr Amelia Tomkins
TAS Assistant Ms Donna Yip

St Mary’s Campus

Principal  Ms Beverly Coffey
Assistant Principal Mr Sean White
Religious Education Co-ordinator Ms Elizabeth Kaye
Kindergarten Teacher Ms Lauren Curtin
Kindergarten Teacher Mrs Evaline Tjhia
Kindergarten Teacher Ms Marisa Maiorana
Year 1 Teacher Mrs Emma van Herk
Year 1 Teacher Ms Richelle Ward
Year 1 Teacher Miss Danielle Morris
Year 2 Teacher Ms Claire Donnelly
Year 2 Teacher  (Mon, Tues, Wed) Mrs Julie Hunt
Year 2 Teacher  (Thurs, Fri) Mrs Elizabeth Hutchinson
Year 2 Teacher Mrs Jillian Van Deventer
Year 3 Teacher/Coordinator Mrs Meghan Bassett
Year 3 Teacher Mrs Kristine Kendrick
Year 3 Teacher (Wed, Thurs, Fri) Mrs Lynsey Nicol
Year 3 Coordinator Mr Andrew King
Year 4 Teacher Mrs Anna Luedi
Year 4 Teacher Mrs Faith Cantrall
Year 4 Teacher (Mon-Thurs) Mrs Cathy King
Year 4 Teacher (Thurs, Fri) Mrs Sarah Lewis
Year 5 Teacher Miss Phoebe Haylen
Year 5 Teacher/Coordinator Mrs Kate Mercer
Year 6 Teacher  (Thurs, Fri) Mrs Nicole Lebic
Year 6 Teacher/Coordinator Mr Timothy Butt
Year 6 Teacher/Coordinator Ms LIz Chatelier
Year 6 Teacher (Part Time) Ms Gayle Smyth
Music Teacher Ms Gabrielle Bermingham
Sport Teacher Mr Michael Bryant
Reading Recovery Mrs Michelle Chang
Family Educator Mrs Linda Curtis
Diverse Learning Mrs Kathryn Hopkinson
Library Mr Daniel Simpson
Finance Mrs Joyce Eide
Office Mrs Natalie Muil
LSO (full time) Mrs Maria Musster
LSO (full time) Mr Andrew Rodriguez
LSO (part time) Mrs Lucia Fuentes Fernandez
LSO (part time) Mrs Jane Hutchinson
LSO (part time) Ms Christine Richards
LSO (part time) Mrs Kristen Timar
Counsellor (Mon, Tues, second Wed) Mrs Rachel Van Eldik