Sydney Catholic Schools has revealed the new crest and colours for Marist Catholic College North Shore, which offer a modern take on the site’s rich history of quality Catholic education.

Marist College and St Mary’s North Sydney have both inspired key elements of the new design, which nods to the charisms that have shaped their influence on hundreds of children for over a century.

“It was important to everyone that both schools be featured, so we consulted with staff and students from both schools, and the designer researched the history and symbolism behind our existing crests.” said St Mary’s Principal Beverly Coffey.


“The final design tells one lovely story of the past and the future.”

Every element of the new design represents a part of the site’s history, including the choice of classic French font, Garamond, used in the time of founding Marist father, St Marcellin Champagnat.

Marist College North Shore’s Marist charism, which values love and care for others, is illustrated in the new crest by Mary’s monogram, and a bible stamped with the Miraculous Medal that was formerly part of the St Mary’s crest.

The Jesuit charism of the local parish, which values scholarly rigour, is reflected by a sacred heart, which is featured on both school’s crests and is an important part of their religious tradition.

A stylised crucifix and an image of the Southern cross illustrate the faith and history both schools share, and the new colour palette includes navy, gold and a touch of cerise (cherry red), springboarding from the blues, black and gold of the two foundation schools.

The Sydney Catholic Schools design team did a great job of listening to the committee,” said Marist College North Shore Principal Tony Duncan.

“They responded with something new and different to the existing logo that draws from the history and culture of both schools.”

The new school opened Year 7 enrollments for 2021 on 3 September, and will reveal uniform and other key design elements in the coming months.